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Tillari is situated 55km west of Warwick and 100km South West of Toowoomba.

Tillari (back in the day) was part of a very large property, Eversleigh which covered most of the local district. After Eversleigh was divided into smaller properties Yreva (now Tillari) was owned by the Avery family. Yreva is Avery spelt backwards. Yreva was one of many of the properties in Karara that was famous for the top quality Merino wool that the land produced.

Many sunrises have came and gone, and I am sure many cups of tea, even a beer or two were enjoyed looking over the creek that the home is situated upon. And it has been reported on good authority from locals that many games of tennis were played on the grassed court and numerous games of cricket listened to in the lounge room on the old wireless. The history of the property is endless.

In time the Averys sold Yvera and it was renamed Tillari by its new owners. Eventually the larger proportion of the property was sold off for whatever reason and the smaller block in time ended up being back on the market looking for new people to call it home. By many turns of fate we were the lucky people.

Canal Creek runs down the middle of the property giving many spectacular places to have a picnic. Most of the year the creek is a quiet timid gravel lined bed, with rocky outcrops and rock cascades. It is only after you look at the scars on the eroded rocks and banks that you can appreciate the potent lashing that the powerful tongue of water gives the rocks and banks as it vibrantly consumes and drowns the gravel bed, kidnapping the banks soil, on its journey to the Condamine. In flood it is a sight that leaves you in awe and with goose bumps prickling your skin.

And with the flooding of the creek, again there is a feeling of hope that only rain and a running creek can provide. Hope that the parched land can again drink and the seeds held in the carpet of the land can germinate. The little be-bop frogs croke, the yabbies come back out and it seems that everything again is how it should be.

And now this beautiful piece of Queensland that originally produced top quality Merino Wool, has little pig trotters prancing all over it and plunging their orange snouts into the earth. From yards that would have held hundreds of sheep waiting to be drenched and shorn you can now see (if you are quiet enough and remain unseen) a little orange piglet asleep near an old strainer post or a large orange boar rel axing under the shade a Pepperina tree provides.

And of course there are the sheep of just about ever colour most with tails that they happily wag as they run and play with each other.

If only the trees could talk, and the earth could smile, it would be amazing the stories that could be told. Some say there are special places in the world. We are fortunate with all of our animals to live on one, that when dry, even though it cries for water, the cries are formed with dignity and when it rains the land swells with pride as it is one of the most beautiful places to be seen.

We have designed the website to share with people the beauty, moments and memories that we have here. Tillari is a working farm, predominately of free range rare breed Tamworth pigs and free range sheep and lambs- including rare breed persian sheep, but more than just raising animals that are for food we provide them with a fantastic life.

We aim to provide our animals with the best life that we can, as close to that which they would live in nature with of course a few more comforts.

We hope you enjoy our site and would love to hear from you. We are always happy to share our own experiences and provide additional information where ever we may.