Co-ops, resturants and wholesale inquires


Please contact us if your coop would like to put a bulk order in of our free range rare breed pork or lamb. We love working with like minded people who wish to consumer ethical meat!  We are able to drop co op orders off and individually group orders.

Bed and Breakfasts
Would you like to give your customers a taste of our beautiful region?  How about some free range bacon in a Brekfast Pack?  Provide them with flavour memories to accent the memories of your accommodation experience.

Restaurants/Cafes/Deli's/Catering Specialities
Would you like to lead the way by utilising rarebreed ethical meat?  Have you ever thought about changing the ham in your ham sandwiches and salads to a rarebreed ethically grown ham? A winter pea and ham soup using free range traditionally smoked hocks?  Delicious pulled pork featuring rarebreed collar? Well we can help you.

Restaurants -
From full pigs to individual cuts - please contact us to see how you can put delicious ethical Queensland grown, rarebreed pork on your  menu.  Show your customers how you support not only endangered livestock - but small local Queensland family farmers.