How does ordering and Delivery Work

Order Weight VS Actual Weight
We sell meat at a weighed amount.  As a result there may be some variation in some products between what you order online and actual weight and price.  As a result this may mean that a small amount is still owing or small amount is owed to you.  We will advise of this prior to finalising your order and arranging delivery.
Delivery - We Delivery From Warwick to Brisbane and Brisbane to Toowoomba.  We will contact you once your order is processed to arrange Delivery. There is a minimum of $200 delivery - or any amount for pick up at one of our farmers markets we attend.  If you live 'Off the beaten track' we may request that you 'meat' us closer to a major highway.  We Process pigs on a Sunday.  If you order is submitted prior to a Sunday - you can expect delivery the next Friday/Saturday - but we will contact you to confirm.
We supply a quality farm fresh product.  We do not offer refunds - however if there is a problem with the product you receive please contact us - as we not only believe in happy pigs but happy customers.